Friday, April 13, 2012

April Birchbox

 This month’s Birchbox came “on time” (they are usually supposed to arrive around the 10th and even 
though mine was shipped around the 4th, it came yesterday)

Yogini perfume
I was expecting this perfume to smell of something relaxing and centering. Maybe even cleansing? Eucalyptus? But this actually reminds me of the scents children’s perfumes have… you know, the ones that come in Snoopy bottles and Barbie heads.

Juice Beauty oil-free Moisturizer
I’ve yet to try the moisturizer but I appreciate the oil-free formula and I'm sure my skin will as well as it gets oilier as the weather gets hotter.
the back of the little bottle (.17 fl OZ) says “AHHHHHHH”

Zoya Spring Polish
This is in the shade Bevin and holds .25 fl OZ. Even though I’ve been meaning to try Zoya polishes, I’ve never actually seen any sold in stores (any of you know where I can find them?).
This is such a lovely gray jade color...  It reminds me of a Jade bracelet my aunt wears  on her wrist. The memory, I think, is what makes this color so comforting..
It’s also really great polish with an amazing opaque-in-two-coats formula that doesn’t pool around the edges or require finger clean-up.
Erno Laszlo Facial Soap
Madonna and Audrey Hepburn allegedly used this soap.

Yes to Blueberries Cleansing facial towelettes

I’m not a fan of makeup wipes
Even on nights when all I want to do is ditch my shoes and collapse into bed..
having a bathroom connected to my bedroom makes me feel like a lazy bum if I go to bed with a face full of makeup and a day’s toxins.

I’ve owned the Neutrogena ones that come in the blue packaging and wasn’t impressed but I’m willing to give these a go.


Fun Fact: the Yes to Carrots spf something Moisturizer was the first moisturizer I ever used. 
I saw a tidbit about it years ago somewhere inside a Seventeen magazine and then spotted it on the Beauty shelves at Target.
Repurchased this baby twice before I switched over to Clinique, then Vanishing Cream.