Sunday, March 18, 2012 GWP

Hello everyone,
I was just watching Lisa Eldridge talk about her lipstick palettes (HERE is the link to the video) and instantly fell in love with the look of Japonesque palettes. (and all the colors she's put in them)
On my hunt for them, I came across

Now, I don't know if this is a known website, or if I'm the last person in the world to find out about it.. But my goodness have they got a great deal going on at the moment.

$130 worth of useful stuff free with a $100 purchase. Yes, $100. 
I know, I know that's a big purchase. This website carries NARS, Japonesque, Beauty Blender, Tarte, Stila... so if you're someone like me you won't have a hard time dropping a Benjamin here. (yepp, I went there)

They also carry skincare (Origins, Boscia..) and hair care/tools (Hot Tools, Mason Pearson). For the purpose of not sounding like an infomercial any longer I'll stop describing the awesomeness of this site now.

My general rule with GWP is to not make a purchase just to receive the gift. 
But that's just me. I'm the nutty person who has special shopping lists for such an occasion.

So check out the site. If you've been eyeing that NARS Spring collection, or have been wanting to get your hands on a Beauty Blender,  now may be a good time to dive in and get yourself some free goodies to match.

QOTP: Let me know what your rules are with GWP if any.. Did u take advantage of this one? What did you get??