Friday, March 23, 2012

march favorites

 It's not nearly the end of March but I figured I'd do these while things are still fresh in my mind

 MAC Face & Body
Key with this is to really work it into the skin. The more you buff it in, the thicker it becomes and the more coverage it gives you (and the less it sinks into your pores). It's still not full coverage, and doesn't cover redness but it has been lovely for everyday.
MAC Brow pencil - Spiked
Retractable pencils are my brow's best friend. This color is dark enough to match my black brows but light enough to not make me into a bushman.


Bobbi Brown Nude Pink
This has been on my cheeks almost every day since it launched in the Neons & Nudes collection. Lovely shade of pink with enough warmness in it to still look natural (NC 40). It's also matte!
I got MAC's Peaches blush for those days I wanted to be peachy. It's a sheertone so it doesn't make me look like an oompa loompa with my heavy hand AND it gives Nude Pink depth when used underneath it. I'm loving this combo.
Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm 50
Got this in a pinch when I forgot my lip balm. It's hydrating and sheer enough to be used on its own without looking like much. Revlon's Creme Brulee looks odd on me; this is a better shade for my skin tone.

I went to Ulta for the first time ever last month (none near me) and found 10 Naked 2s sitting on the shelf. Evidently I snatched one..
I've always had an issue highlighting the inner corner of my eyes. Everything is too shimmery, or too pale, too sallow or too pink. Bootycall is  slightly peachy with golden undertones and doesn't look at all frosty. It's perfection as far as I know.
Mac Cleanse-off oil
When you think of riding motorcycles, think of waterproof makeup. If not, you'll take off your helmet and reveal a patchy raccoon mess.
This oil removes the last tidbits of waterproof mascara without having to rub your eyes off.
Herb Pharm Nervous System Tonic
Cliched as it may be, beauty comes from within. When I'm stressed, I break out and stress some more. It's a vicious cycle.
A few drops of this in some OJ and it's smoooooth sailing. (I go to Follow Your Heart for all my health concerns)
Voice Recorder
This is the Sony Perfection (should be the actual name). Have you ever had a class right after a long study session? (I can't concentrate at all on what the professor is saying) If so, you NEED this in your life/backpack. I sit this on my desk, press record, and rest assured that this little guy will catch every single word my professor says on  everything. I don't have to worry about rushing to write down notes, I don't worry about making sense of my notes three weeks later during Finals.. I honestly don't know why everyone isn't doing this. Best $30 I've spent this month.
Bobby pins?
OK, not all bobby pins, these pins in particular. I can put all my hair up in a bun using 4 of these. Then I can take them off gently without tugging or breaking my hair. 

QOTP: What's the best money you've spent this month?