Wednesday, March 28, 2012

quick ASOS Haul

Did you know ASOS carries some Borjois? AND they have free shipping (no minimum. no code). This is my first experience ordering from and I gotta say it was fairly ok. I placed my order on the 14th and although marked it as "shipped" on the 15th, it wasn't actually in transit until the 21st. It arrived on the 24th. Soo slow processing time; normal ship time. I found funny that on the day it actually shipped, ASOS sent me a "your shipment is finally on its way" e-mail. Made me wonder if they knowingly lagged it on just my order. Have you ordered from ASOS? Let me know if you've gotten that e-mail..

Delice de Pudre has the most amazing scent I've smelled in a powder makeup product. Granted, not everyone has sentimental attachments to the smell of sunblock. It's advertised to be filled "with hints of sunshine" which translates to soft, golden micro-shimmers throughout the powder. It comes in two shades (I have #52) and has orange undertones.
This is lovely underneath peachy blushes as it adds subtle dimension to the color and more structure to the cheeks.
Because it can come across slightly orange on my skin (NC 40-42) I wouldn't double this as a contouring powder... Although it has that 'contouring blush' effect, it's not a natural shadow (as in 'the absence of light') shade and doesn't work well for fake-slimming.

I got another tin of Steam Cream. This is the best hand lotion, in my opinion, to keep at hand. It hydrates well, the scent doesn't last long and is fairly neutral (a plus if you have a nice perfume you'd like to wear without a distracting scent on your hands), and it sinks into the skin right away. Must be the steam.

Lastly, Figs & Rougue Sweet Geranium 100% organic lip balm. Woah that was a mouthful. SoCal was having pretty warm weather the day this package arrived and I think it has somewhat affected the texture of this balm (it was really really soft -like melted butter- and gritty). I'm letting it sit and settle for a couple of days before I try it.  I've never tried anything from this brand, or anything Geranium scented so this was pretty much an impulse buy... It was around $5 and looked bigger online (<-- that's me trying to justify this).
I have a weakness for lip balms in cute packaging.