Friday, March 9, 2012

Numero Uno

"was that a knock on the door?"
I grabbed my robe (just about to jump in the shower) and ran downstairs to open the door
-damn near about to run two doors down to catch the mail lady.
She must've seen the flash of blue and thought I was nuts
nonetheless she walked back to my door and kindly handed me a package.
"thank you" and I ran back upstairs.

It's really a pity I've yet to buy a digital...
I'll add pictures to words two minutes after I get one

-all nighter
-24/7 stash

yep, this is a makeup blog.

A "small" purchase I made taking advantage of that friends and family sale (still going on).
20% off? heck yes.

*edited on march 15, 2012
I now have a digital. An unexpected surprise!
soooo If swatches are requested, I'll update this post