Friday, March 30, 2012

Birchbox "welcome box"

I finally got the invite to join Birchbox earlier this month. I rushed to confirm and, like a fool, signed up for 12 months.
Knowing me I would want to have the subscription for at least that long anyways so I figured I'd save $10. Plus you get 110 Birchbox points that you can later redeem for product. (again, I'm justifying impulse buys)
This is the "welcome box" for March...
...all I can say for now is that they're on their game with customer service. As for the products.. the Jouer moisture tint is smaller than my pinkie, the color club polish is a nice shade, haven't tried one love, the perfume smells toxic, the teas are delish, and oro fluido is highly impressive.
So this month Birchbox gets  a virtual high five from me.